Twin Peaks devotee Craig Peterson heroically mustered enough strength Wednesday to conceal the cavernous expectation gap between the show’s Double R Diner and the reality of the fictional restaurant’s North Bend setting at Twede’s Cafe.

“Oh, so the cherry pie filling comes from a can?” said Peterson, 25, to a gruff Twede’s Cafe waitress not big on words. “…Sounds good! Oh, and could I get a black coffee with that?”

As Peterson straightened out his jacket with a patch featuring Agent Cooper talking into his trusty tape recorder, a sadness wisped by Peterson’s eyes when he noticed a grimy Tweety Bird shoved in into an upper corner of the restaurant.

The waitress returned with a cup of Folger’s and a cherry pie slice with corn syrup-saturated crust.

“It’s okay,” said Peterson to fellow Twin Peaks fans after his visit. “My parents once forgot my birthday two years in a row and it was fine.”

(Photo: “Twede’s Cafe” by Steven Pavlov, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0. Changes were made.)