King County has called off their search for missing Bellevue shopper Stacy J. Quinn, who was last seen on Christmas Eve looking for affordable gifts at Anthropologie.

“The maze that is the Bellevue Collection takes hold of a few dozen shoppers every year, and this year is no exception,” said King County Search and Rescue Coordinator Dan Blinkman. “We suspect she’s safe somewhere subsisting on Auntie Anne’s pretzels and discarded Coke Zero.”

In the meantime, the Eastside shopping destination’s search and rescue team is asking shoppers to keep an eye out for a woman draped arm-to-arm in the year’s best bargains.

Quinn’s mother, Sharon Quinn-Smith, says she has no doubt her daughter is prepared to make it back home armed with the best sale finds a woman can buy.

“Stacy’s always been a bargain hunter,” said Quinn-Smith. “I’ll bet she’s simply in a retail outlet at this moment getting a price match on some steal she found on the web.”

At press time, a band of Quinn’s friends were reportedly forming a volunteer crew to continue the search through at least the end of all the area’s New Year’s Day sales.